The Laryngeal Tube is available in a single lumen version (LT + LT-D) as well as in a dual lumen version (LTSII + LTS-D). With the dual lumen version the main advantages of Laryngeal Mask (easy handling) and Combitube (aspiration protection) were combined to develop an instrument to secure the airway.

Both versions are available as reusable products as well as disposable products to reduce the risk of cross infections.

Doctor’s Kit (3 disposable adult sizes, syringe, securing device, and manual) $200 + $10 shipping

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The Laryngeal Tube is a supraglottic airway device for use in general anesthesia during spontaneous or positive pressure ventilation. In emergency it is an ideal adjunct to secure the airway during difficult airway management as an alternative technique to mask ventilation and tracheal intubation.

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