Contracted instructors, like STEMI, provide numerous benefits like:

Classes are held at remote locations to lessen the total burden on practitioners and your organisation by bringing tertiary level training to smaller hospitals/ clinics/ communities/ bases. STEMI operates in all imaginable nooks Australia-wide, and can even provide services to international locations.

Program customisation allows you to tailor existing STEMI programs to fit your specific needs and protocols. From dentist to physios to optometrist, you can ensure the special needs of your employees are met.

Costs of program development are absorbed by STEMI and not you, yet are developed with significant input and approval by your senior medical/training management, thereby encouraging the continued success of your strategic training plan. STEMI provides all study materials and equipment for classes, again allowing your organisation to save money on capital equipment.

Courses are delivered by a certified instructor guaranteeing educational consistency and quality from site to site. Regardless of the number of people, location, or level of training STEMI provides consistent lectures and testing.

Strong relationships between your organisation and STEMI allow for low overhead, cost effective delivery, and seamless integration into any existing training schedules.

Multi-site pricing and scheduling flexibility provides a cost effective platform with unparallel customer service and planning for your organisation.

To date, STEMI is the only provider in Australia certifying attendees to a baseline of skills proficiency and knowledge level. All attendees must pass written and practical exams to receive STEMI credit. Your organisation may be assured STEMI-certified professionals have met the highest standards of skills proficiency.

One-stop-shop provider. STEMI provides training to all medical professionals, not just doctors and nurses. Programs are also developed to grow with your people as they grow within your organisation.


Some groups are unable to include one of our full courses into their conference schedules, but still want to provide some emergency medicine education. For these groups, STEMI can provide:

Short presentations on almost any emergency medicine topic; from Mass Casualty to anaphylaxis to the Mental Health Act

Single skill instruction

Airway management

IV access

Chest tube placement

Central line placement


Equipment and models for instruction

If you have a presenter, but need equipment, STEMI offers various simulators to meet your needs.


How can organisations bring the cost down while enriching the educational experience and quality?

                    Simple: salient educational contractors… like STEMI.